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Bolognesi, B., Ribeiro, E., & Codato, A.. (2023). A New Ideological Classification of Brazilian Political Parties. Dados, 66(2), e20210164. Just as democratic politics changes, so does the perception about the parties out of which it is composed. This paper’s main purpose is to provide a new and updated ideological classification of Brazilian political parties. To do so, we applied a survey to political scientists in 2018, asking them to position each party on a left-right continuum and, additionally, to indicate their major goal: to pursue votes, government offices, or policy issues. Our findings indicate a centrifugal force acting upon the party system, pushing most parties to the right. Furthermore, we show a prevalence of patronage and clientelistic parties, which emphasize votes and offices rather than policy. keywords: political parties; political ideology; survey; party models; elections

8 de outubro de 2023

estabelecidos, outsiders e renovadores

[Deputada Tabata 
Foto: Agência Câmara] 


Estabelecidos, outsiders e renovadores: mensurando a lealdade partidária dos deputados federais eleitos em 2018

We analyzed the social and political profile and political behavior in roll-call votes of deputies elected to the 56th Legislature of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies (2019-2023). 

The deputies were divided into three groups: The established (those who were not in their first term); the outsiders (those who were in their first term); and the Renovators (outsiders who were members of supra-party political renewal organizations). 

The objective was to verify significant differences existed among the groups and whether the Renovators exhibited peculiarities in their parliamentary behavior. 

The results showed that the groups presented differences in terms of age, race, party ideology, and campaign finance patterns. However, through analysis of mean differences, the article concludes that there is no difference among the average party loyalty indices of the parliamentarians in each group, indicating very similar behavior among the deputies. 

This finding undermines the alleged novelty brought by the wave of political renewal in 2018 in Brazil.

Keywords: outsiders; roll-call votes; parliamentary behavior; political renewal; parliamentary elites

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Picussa, R., Souza, R. A. de., & Codato, A. (2023). 
Estabelecidos, outsiders e renovadores: mensurando a lealdade partidária dos deputados federais eleitos em 2018. 
Revista Brasileira de Ciência Política, (41), e267142. 

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