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Bolognesi, B., Ribeiro, E., & Codato, A.. (2023). A New Ideological Classification of Brazilian Political Parties. Dados, 66(2), e20210164. Just as democratic politics changes, so does the perception about the parties out of which it is composed. This paper’s main purpose is to provide a new and updated ideological classification of Brazilian political parties. To do so, we applied a survey to political scientists in 2018, asking them to position each party on a left-right continuum and, additionally, to indicate their major goal: to pursue votes, government offices, or policy issues. Our findings indicate a centrifugal force acting upon the party system, pushing most parties to the right. Furthermore, we show a prevalence of patronage and clientelistic parties, which emphasize votes and offices rather than policy. keywords: political parties; political ideology; survey; party models; elections

2 de novembro de 2018

ministros-técnicos e ministros-políticos

[Michel Temer realiza primeira 
reunião ministerial de seu governo 
(Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters) Veja] 

Codato, A. & Franz, P., 2018.

Technical-ministers and political-ministers during the PSDB and PT presidencies.

Revista de Administração Pública, 52(5), pp.776–796.

  • DOI: 
  • 10.1590/0034-7612174301

Studies on ministerial recruitment have identified the presence of professional politicians as well as technicians within the Brazilian ministerial cabinet. However, career analyses are restricted to technicians, while studies on political ministers have largely focused on party recruitment criteria. The objective of this article is twofold: to empirically demonstrate the differences and similarities between the careers of political and non-political ministers "technicians" during PSDB and PT presidential administrations between 1995 and 2014; and to explore the main aspects regarding the professionalization of politician ministers based on their experiences in elective and high-ranking positions in county and municipal administrations. The results indicate that both politicians and non-politicians have extensive professional experience, including administrative experience, although non-politicians have greater affinity with the ministerial area for which they were appointed as do ministers affiliated with the president's party when compared to politicians of the allied base. Notwithstanding these nuances, no significant differences were found between PSDB and PT administrations regarding the expertise of their ministers.

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