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Batista, Mariana. (2016). O Poder no Executivo: explicações no presidencialismo, parlamentarismo e presidencialismo de coalizão. Revista de Sociologia e Política, 24(57), 127-155.
Como a literatura vem analisando o Poder Executivo nos diferentes regimes políticos? A partir da diferença institucional básica entre presidencialismo e parlamentarismo pode-se identificar dois conjuntos de contribuições principais para o entendimento do funcionamento do Executivo em democracias: a literatura sobre a presidência americana e as discussões sobre os governos de coalizão no parlamentarismo europeu. O que os dois conjuntos de teorias têm em comum é a preocupação com a política intra-executivo. Esta literatura é analisada, identificando as principais questões, instituições, comportamentos e variáveis enfatizadas.

3 de julho de 2012

The observatory of brazilian political and social elites

The observatory of brazilian political and social elites, coordinated by the Brazilian Political Sociology Research Center (NUSP) at the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil (UFPR), aims to be the main national focal point for systematic information on bureaucratic and scientific, parliamentary and political party, juridical and intellectual elites as well as professional and social elites in contemporary Brazil.

Funded in part by Capes – Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel), and inspired by the Observatory of Latin American Representative Institutions (Observatorio de Instituciones Representativas de América Latina – OIR) based at the University of Salamanca, the observatory constitutes a free-access digital database which brings together research summaries, historical studies, prospective analyses and qualitative and quantitative surveys on Brazilian elites in recent history.
The website allows free access to the instruments used in the surveys conducted by several research groups (questionnaires, spreadsheets, code books, prosopography sheets, interview scripts), the finished scientific results produced by theses surveys, in addition to available database. One of the purposes of the observatory of elites is to condense knowledge and aggregate scholars in this field of study in Brazil through the sharing of information.
The observatory allows users to browse through a series of nominal lists of presidents, governors, ministers, congressmen, state secretaries, mayors, chief and high court judges, in addition to leaders of the country’s most relevant class associations (businessmen, union leaders, etc.). Also available for consulting our series of “working papers” and in the future the newsletter of the observatory.
The virtual library specialized in ruling classes in Brazil that is part of the observatory congregates a large number of studies on Brazilian political and social elites and list of sites organized according to subject which grants the user access to online archives and collections. It is possible to download publications (books, articles), papers, academic work (monographs, theses, and dissertations), research reports and to consult listings of scientific associations, groups and research centers dedicated to studying this subject.
In the future it will be possible to submit your database to the observatory of political and social elites in Brazil to this e-mail
Feel free to suggest articles and papers, links to research group sites, databases, bios of researchers in this field to the e-mail indicated above.

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