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Bolognesi, B., Ribeiro, E., & Codato, A.. (2023). A New Ideological Classification of Brazilian Political Parties. Dados, 66(2), e20210164. Just as democratic politics changes, so does the perception about the parties out of which it is composed. This paper’s main purpose is to provide a new and updated ideological classification of Brazilian political parties. To do so, we applied a survey to political scientists in 2018, asking them to position each party on a left-right continuum and, additionally, to indicate their major goal: to pursue votes, government offices, or policy issues. Our findings indicate a centrifugal force acting upon the party system, pushing most parties to the right. Furthermore, we show a prevalence of patronage and clientelistic parties, which emphasize votes and offices rather than policy. keywords: political parties; political ideology; survey; party models; elections

31 de janeiro de 2016

From public service to the Chamber of Deputies

[Projeto. Câmara dos Deputados e 
Senado Federal, Brasília - DF]

Codato, Adriano; FERREIRA, Ana Paula Lopes ; COSTA, Luiz Domingos . Do serviço público à Câmara dos Deputados: os parlamentares originários do funcionalismo público no Brasil. Revista do Serviço Público, v. 66, n. 4, p. 605-626, 2015.

The present study demonstrates the variations in the political and social profile of federal deputies originating from civil service and elected to the Chamber of Deputies between 1982 and 2010. We stem from the assumption that the higher the position occupied in the public sector, the lower the extension of the career up until the Chamber of Deputies, since positional capital would potentize one’s social and political resources. We noticed differences, albeit moderate, in the political career profile across different ranks in Brazil’s civil service. Nevertheless, the key finding concerns the differences found between parliamentarians when divided by ideological blocs. The electoral success of Brazilian civil servants depends less on attributes concerning their functions within the State bureaucracy and more on the influence that the ruling party may have over the electoral market and the propulsion it can provide to heir respective political careers.

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